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GreenTec Awards 2015 - Image Film

According to the GreenTec Award ceremony they developed a short movie about the gala. Here you can take a look on the ceremony.

World Horticultural Exhibition 2014, Qingdao

On the occasion of the opening of the first semicentralized Resource Recovery Center in frame of the World Horticultural Exposition (WHE) in Qingdao a movie was made about the concept of the Supply and Treatment Center at the 27th April 2014. It is sponsored by the WHE. The film shows the principle of Semizentral and explains the connection with the WHE.

Semizentral Germany on DEUTSCHE WELLE

As part of the documentary series “Future Now – innovations shaping tomorrow” Deutsche Welle presents visionary ideas of German research with a life-changing impact. Scientists and projects introduced by Deutsche Welle try to find answers to the challenges of the future. In the scientific fields health, communication, mobility and environmental science eight projects are being presented. Semizentral Germany is one of two chosen environmental science projects to demonstrate the visionary strength of German research. Please find the film below and convince yourself.

The Movie to the Expo 2010

Living in the Water Cycle Water recycling systems for megacities

The global water consumption continues to rise. The result: highly industrialized countries, especially those with megacities as well as Third World countries are struggling with the problem of lacking groundwater supply. Plant and machinery installers are already offering energy-efficient and energy-generating solutions: energy-self-sufficient control systems for the automation of day-to-day operations as well as water saving and recycling models for new housing estates.

The VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau - German Engineering Federation) is one of the key association service providers in Europe and offers the largest engineering industry network in Europe. 
(external link: www.vdma.org)