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Sub-project 2

Concept supply and treatment center (2009 - 2010)

The objective of this project part is to use the findings of project parts (PP) 1 and 2 in the development of resource and recovery centers (RRC), to be implemented in real life. Besides the conception and dimensioning of an exemplary site, the sectoral semicentralized RRC is to be compared to conventional sectoral centralized supply and treatment centers.

During the project and depending on the objectives to be met (maximum treatment efficiency, energy optimization, cost optimization, etc.), the established technology components will be arranged in possible conceptual systems. Furthermore, necessary organizational and transportation structures will be defined and the interactions between individual system components will be evaluated. In the next step and based on the findings from PP1 and PP2 and the given local conditions, the material flows of the RRC will be quantified. Then, the process units including peripheral equipment will be dimensioned and designed, taking into account relevant load cases. Here, special emphasis is given to the utilization of synergistic effects of the different treatment sectors of the integrated semicentralized supply and disposal concept.

In collaboration with partners from the private sector, the expected costs of the semicentralized supply and disposal system, i.e. the RRC including the accompanying sewerage system, are calculated. Based on these data, a comparative cost-benefit analysis is carried out that will provide the basis for visualization and marketing concepts. 

Duration: 04.2009 - 10.2010
Project funding reference number: 02WD0989