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Here an overview is given on projects in the context of the semicentralized approach, projects we mainly carry out in China and Vietnam.

Since 2012 - Implementation of a RRC in Qingdao

The fast growing port city of Qingdao has already been suffering from increasing water shortage for years. During the last 11 years, the SEMIZENTRAL approach has been developed under the general management of the Chair of Wastewater Technology of the Institut IWAR at the Technische Universität Darmstadt, in close cooperation with numerous German partners from industry as well as scientific partners from Germany and China..


2009-2010 - Semizentral goes EXPO

The Chair of Wastewater Technology of the IWAR takes part in the EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, as the only German university presenting its own exhibition area. Together with its partner, the Institute of Environmental Science at the Tongji University of Shanghai, the findings of the interdisciplinary research approach SEMIZENTRAL are presented to the global public


2008-2011 - Urban supply and disposal in Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam is experiencing rapid urbanization with urban growth rates of more than 5 % ( 2005). The wastewater situation is characterized by a lack of treatment plants. Only about 40 % of Vietnam’s urban population is connected to a sewerage system.


2009-2010 - Concept supply and treatment center

The objective of this project part is to use the findings of project parts (PP) 1 and 2 in the development of resource and recovery centers (RRC), to be implemented in real life.


2009-2010 - Blackwater treatment

Concept and implementation of semicentralized supply and disposal centers include the separation of wastewater partial flows already during accumulation in the residence units.


2003-2008 - Semicentralized supply and treatment systems

The present settlement development on the East coast of the People's Republic of China is characterized by high population density and enormous population growth. In order to meet the requirements of the rapid population growth, efficient environmental protection and resource management systems have to be established.